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Characters: 9 = Roll, Jazz, Cyan, Tami, Shin, Kz10, Julia, Czarina, Crabette

Stages: 128 = Roll 16, Jazz 16, Cyan 16, Tami 16, Shin 16, Kz10 16, Citadel 16, Czarina 16

Key Customization (Though it'll be touched up more)

Lil' Baddies: 31 = Barrel, Bee, Bee Tank, Big Bear, Birdy, Cannon Bomb, Clam, Dino Tank, Dino Tank Blue, Dino Tank Red, Dino Tank White, Fishy, Flashy, Floater, FlyBot, FroggyBot, Hard Hat, Hard Hat Blue, Hard Hat Red, Hard Hat White, JumperBot, King Crab, Mask, Mask Elite, Mech Hover, Roader, Snow Man, Spike Ball, Sprayer, Squid, Wheel Bear

Bosses: Roll, Jazz, Cyan, Tami, Shin, Kz10, Citadel, Czarina

Scoring System

Cutscenes: All

Outfits: Health, Energy, Dash





Save/Load Feature

Bonus Stages: 20 = Woodman 4, Bubbleman, Snakeman 4, Castlevania 4, Tsunami Drake 4

Mini Games: 3 = Volley Bear v1.0, Blazing Beat, Stinger Beat

King Crab Battles: 2 = Demi-God King Crab, King Crab Force


Hidden Pictures: All

Outfits: Queen

Bonus Stages: 52

Mini Games: 6

King Crab Battles: 7