:WARNING: This game is not a so called "grab'n'go" one. Even moreso than my other games, this one is made to kick your butt if you don't want to spend a moment getting the hang of it. Each character has strength's and weaknesses, and some are easier for beginners as opposed to ones that are power houses for experienced players. Since the game mainly uses 5 buttons aside from moving, it strongly helps to set the controls on the keyboard to something you like via the options menu. Basically, don't expect this game to roll over and die in 5 minutes by spamming jump & attack. I can virtually promise you a lot of exploding if you take that approach :)

Lastly, keep in mind that even though this game parodies many parts of Capcom's works, it's not based in their particular 'world'. It's based on the world from my comic Rick's Adventure: Legends. I also have no care nor desire to duplicate Capcom's game engine, I prefer a faster and more aggressive one not based on boss patterns. Same goes for my art style.

With all that said, to those who want to take some time to learn the ropes I hope you enjoy the ride!

- Wade Monroe / MaelstormM

If you're having a hard time during the boss fights or curious about some of the in's and out's of a character you can check out Brickman's Strategy Guide here! Good luck.


Left / Right

Pressing the Left/Right keys will move your character left or right. In the case of certain moves it will stop them for you by pressing the opposite direction of the one your are going in (such as Jazz's air dash). Default keys are Left/Right arrow keys.

Press the Up key while your character is touching a ladder to grab on and climb up. Be sure to let go of the jump button so you can catch! Default key is Up Arrow key.
Press the Down key while your character is touching a ladder to grab on and climb down. Be sure to let go of the jump button so you can catch! Default key is Down Arrow key.
The attack button activates your characters primary attack. Each character has a different move set, so each character's main attack varies in it's effectiveness and use. Practice makes perfect. Default key is the "D" key.
Pressing the jump button makes your character hop into the air. By holding the jump button down, you can gain more height and air time. If you hold the jump button down while on the ground, you will continue to jump automatically! If you are on a ladder, pressing the jump button will also let you release it. Default key is the "S" key.
Each character also has a secondary special weapon. When you press this key, your character will execute their alternative attack which can either assist their primary attack, or offer a completely different form of attack. Default key is the "E" key.
The final form of attacking a character has is their auxillary move. These attacks consume various amounts of your Dash energy and are mainly used to help compliment each girls main attack/special attacks. In Cyan's case the Auxillary attack is used to start up her tier 2 combo's leading into the tier 3 ones which are vital to her gameplay. Default key is the "C" key.
In addition to their primary and secondary attack forms, each character also has a special move to help them get by or prevent certain situations. These moves differ greatly between characters so it'll take some practice to get used to all of them. Default key is the "A" key.
These great attacks inflict crazy damage to all enemies on the screen. During Boss fights, certain crushers can do greater damage or even stun the boss if used. When your crusher is fully charged you can see the currently selected one in the bottom left corner. You can also see the current progress at the bottom of the pause screen. Default key is "ENTER".
This will pause the game so you can relax from the evil gameplay. The Default key is "BACKSPACE".



During Playtest, press the following keys to change characters.

1= Roll, 2= Jazz, 3= Cyan, 4= Tami, 5= Shin, 6= Kz10, 7= Julia, 8= Czarina, 9= Crabette



Roll finds out about the tournament only a day before the application deadline since she's been helping Dr Light monitor Mega, Rick, Proto, and Cloud's progress against Dr Wily in the relic search. Dr Light refuses to let her enter saying he needs her at the lab. Roll feels that since things are calm for a moment and it's a friendly tournament there's no harm in her having some fun. After a series of events, she manages to get Mega to give her a suit of his old armor and gets Beat to serve as her weapon. Then she bribes Rick with the promise of food to get him to use his magic to help her get to the tournament and enter on time.

ATTACK: "Beat Buster" Roll's primary offense relies on her brothers pet bird, Beat. Beat can fire buster shots at foes in front of him for Roll. When not fully charged, Beat flies around while trying to keep up. When at full charge, Beat does his best to stay in front of Roll so that his max buster shot connects.

SPECIAL: "Beat Dive" When not at full charge and protecting Roll, Beat can be sent out to smash foes physically. While flying around, Pressing the Up or Down arrow keys will maneuver Beat higher or lower respectively. You can charge while he's flying around, and as usual, once at full charge Beat will return to Roll to protect her.

AUX: "Roll Buster "Roll fires a special modified version of her older brothers arm cannon. Not very powerful, but does stack with Beat's shots to make a barrage of firepower.

DASH: "Dash" While standing or running, Roll can booster dash across the screen at double her normal run speed. Unless Beat is being ordered to protect her (aka: at full charge), he can quickly be left in the dust. While dashing, Roll can also jump much higher allowing her to clear obstacles easier.

CRUSHER: "Beat Fusion"



Beings as she's only been awake for a few days, Jazz is still getting used to her abilities. Dr Wily sees the Tournament on TV while watching his favorite shows. He decides that a friendly tournament like this is the perfect way to test Jazz's advanced AI without worrying about her being junked since she's not a combat model. So Jazz, Dr Wily, and Bass head off in disguise for some training.

ATTACK: "Cute Eyes" Jazz's standard attack is rapid fire barrage of electric sparks generated from her mind. The shots drift up and down as they zip across the screen.

SPECIAL: "Lovey Shot" Whereas her brother Bass uses weapon energy to create all sorts of weapons, Jazz's approach is to create happy shots that can render a foe helpless. These dangerous hearts come out in rapid succession and drift up across the screen. Very useful for taking out airborne enemies.

AUX: "Happy Rings" Jazz creates a spinning barrier of rings that inflicts massive damage to the first thing that connects with it. It also generates sparks that damage foes.

DASH: "Glide" By pressing the dash key while jumping, Jazz can coast through the air gracefully while slowly descending. This makes it cakewalk to cross pits and hazards alike.

CRUSHER: "Cry for Help"



Built by a shaolin monastery, Cyan is the total opposite of her disciplined creators. The monks who run the temple were trying to create a learning robot that would master the arts like no other. However, the only thing the ability to learn gave Cyan was an outgoing personality and a carefree disposition. The monks decided to enter her into the tournament as a means to see if their learning script actually works or if Cyan is destined to be a failed project.

ATTACK: "Hyper Strike" Cyan's normal attack is a short range punch that hits hard.

SPECIAL: "Magnetic Strike" Cyan can deliver a combination attack if you press the special key at the correct time while she's attacking.

AUX: "Hyper Attack" By pressing this after Cyan's Hyper Strike finishes, she can do a tier 2 combo attack. Furthermore, at the end of the tier 2 attack she can press Up/Down or Left/Right to perform an even more powerful tier 3 attack.

DASH: "Multi Jump" Cyan can gain more airtime by jumping multiple times.




A prototype robot of an emergency response unit to help victims of enviromental disasters, Tami has a variety of abilities to endure nearly every force of nature. If her testing proves successful, the UN will commision more of her 'family' to be built. To that extent, Tami's adamant about winning and proving her worth.

ATTACK: "Fire Extinguisher" Tami uses her arm cannon to fire a cloud of fire smiting frost in front of her.

SPECIAL: "Chainsaw Blade" The intended use of this tool is to cut through obstacles to save people, but it also makes an effect means of self defense in close range.

AUX: "Acid Shot" Tami fires a shot of slow burning acid to her foes. It's capable of damaging even guarding foes.

DASH: "Repulsors" Tami can fire up her repulsors built into the back of her armor that are used for rescuing people in dangerous positions. This gives her a limited amount of time to fly around the screen. To get the full benefit you must hold down the Jump and Dash keys.

CRUSHER: "Flash Freeze"



Shin's a dangerous robot gal who was constructed in secret by several powerful black market dealers. She was designed to be a deadly assasin with no human equal. The only thing left for her creators to do is test her capabilities.

ATTACK: "Titanium Claws" Shin can take a particularly nasty swipe at any foolish enough to get close to her.

SPECIAL: "Nail Knives" Shin's titanium claws can also be rapid fired in 8 directions to take care of foes from any position.

AUX: "Laser Whip" While standing on the ground, Shin can strike across the entire screen with a electric whip.

DASH: "Barrier" This ability was equiped into Shin so that she may avoid 75% of all damage from baddies (not hazards). She also recovers very quickly while her barrier is on.

CRUSHER: "Razor Whirlwind"



This gal was designed and paid for by the police forces of Fortune City. She has been equipped with some of the latest equipment for handling situations even heavily armored officers or even military forces can't. Beings as she's around civilians a lot in her work, the police made sure she had a friendly and charismatic personality but sometimes they think they went over board.

ATTACK: "Spread Magnum" As a police officer, KZ10 is equipped with a powerful handgun for taking down felons. Of course for the tournament she's not armed with heavy shells, but it's still enough to make those in front of her worry.

SPECIAL: "Tazer Club" A strong short range weapon for paralyzing naughty humans, or disabling naughty robots.

AUX: "Grenade" Kz10 summons a grenade to take out foes. If she's standing on the ground when used, the grenade stays in place for a moment. If used while airborn, it will be tossed in a arc.

DASH: "Riot Shield" KZ10 can raise her shield while not attacking to fend off small shots from her foes. Larger shots still need to be dodged.

CRUSHER: "Riot Mech"




ATTACK: "Charlie Ball" Julia's guardian kitty appears and fires a hairball at her target. Press up or down to better aim the hair ball at targets.

SPECIAL: "Charlie Rush" Charlie appears and bum rushes forward.

DASH: "Charlie Lift" Julia's kitty levitates her skyward.

CRUSHER: "Kitty Roar" ???




ATTACK: "Pheonix Spear" A powerful strike that sends out a fire wave.

SPECIAL: "Pheonix Storm" Czarina calls down a flock of firebirds onto the battlefield.

DASH: "Pheonix Boost" This greatly increases Czarina's running and jumping skills.

CRUSHER: "Grand Pheonix" ???




ATTACK: "Gigaton Claw" A very short range, but extremely powerful claw snap.

SPECIAL: "Gigaton Blaster" A monstrous bolt that causes heavy damage to all in it's path.

DASH: "Jump Jets" This allows Crabette to make a small extra jump while falling.

CRUSHER: "Poseidon Surge" ???



POWER+ (500c) = This item enhances your basic attack functions and auxillary attack functions. The effects vary depending on the character you're using. It also helps your Aux attacks.

SPEED+ (500c) = With this toy your base movement and climbing speeds will be increased by 20%.

CRUSHER+ (500c) = This fun machine halves the time it takes for your crusher to reach full charge.

JUMPING+ (500c) = This goody increases your jump height by 10%.

DASH+ (500c) =This item increases each of the girls 'Dash' abilities in certain ways as listed below. Auxillary attacks also benefit from this item.

SPECIAL+ (500c) = By equipping this item, your girl will have drastically stronger special moves.

ENERGY TANK (100c) = This item restores your character to full energy.

LIFE TANK (100c) = This item restores your character to full life.

CRUSHER CHARGE (100c) = This item instantly gives you a full crusher charge.

CONTINUE+ (200c) = Earn an extra continue with this item.


Health (1000c) = This outfit increases your maximum health by 1 heart and also allows regeneration when low on life.

Energy (1000c) = This outfit increases your maximum energy by 1 heart and also allows regeneration when low on energy.

Dash (1000c) = This outfit increases your maximum dash by 1 heart and also allows regeneration when low on dash.

Queen (5000c) = This powerful outfit increases all hearts by 1 and allows regeneration. It also increases your crusher charge rate.