Default "D"

When you hit the 'D' key, your hero will attack. The attack ONLY occurs after you release the attack button! If you hold it down, you will charge/hold your attack! Charged attacks deal greater damage and hit a larger area. You CANNOT hold down the attack button and grab a ladder at the same time! You must release the attack button first, then jump on the ladder. Also you cannot move up or down once you are on the ladder when you hold down the attack key. It's VERY IMPORTANT to remember this for the tricky jump/grabs.

ZERO - While in your ready position, if you press the attack button after the initial attack and time it correctly, you'll be able to execute a 2nd or possibly even a 3rd attack.


Default "E"

Hitting this key enables you to use a character's special attacks as long as you have the necessary energy or have defeated the proper boss, and are in the proper direction to perform it.

PLAGUE - This key swings his swords while on the ground or uses his Crusher while fused.


Default "S"

When you press the 'S' key, you will jump. The longer you hold it down the higher your jump will be and the longer you'll be airborn. To get off ladders you must press the Jump Button! When you are on a wall if you press jump you'll be able to climb higher on the wall while pressing Jump and Towards the wall. (There's no need to hold towards the wall once you are on it, you'll automatically stick to it until you do something). If you hold down the Jump button you'll continue to jump, this is VERY IMPORTANT for tricky spots so that you don't fling yourself off a moving platform.


Default "A"

Dashing gives you great bursts of speed. Hold down the Dash button and away you go! It also greatly increases the distance you are able to jump. BE VERY CAREFUL when dash jumping around bottomless pits. It's usually safer to ride down on a wall to make sure everything is clear, then once you're familiar with the stage, then go flying through it.


Default "ENTER"

(Not in Intro Stage)

When your hero uses their stored energy, they can hit all foes on the screen for tremendous damage. This ability is charged by killing baddies. You can only use a character's crusher attack while standing still on the ground with the white ring glowing around you. Not many foes, whether boss or little baddy, enjoy tasting the power of any character's crusher.

PLAGUE - Pressing crusher while normal summons Blight and they can fuse for a time. Pressing crusher while fused returns Plague to normal.



(Not in Intro Stage)

You can pause the game at any point during a stage. It'll take you to a subscreen that will show your life, energy, Money, and remaining lives. You'll also see the abilities gathered for your character here. If you are playing as X then you can use the mouse to select different weapons. Press PAUSE again to resume playing.


(Only in DEMO)

INSERT = X, HOME = Zero, PAGE UP = Delia, DELETE = Sic, END = Sin, PAGE DOWN = Plague



The yellow bar in the top left corner beneath your characters name shows you your current life. Once it hits zero, you go splat and lose a life and must restart at the beginning of the current stage section you were in. Be VERY careful around stage hazards (spikes, fires, etc) for they will rapidly drop your life while in contact with them. Certain boss attacks count as hazards due to their power, so even if you are invincible after being hit or using Sin's power pellet ability you'll still take damage.


(Not in Intro Stage)

Down by the weapon indicator in the bottom left corner you'll see a bar going across similar to your life bar. This is your energy for special attacks. Special attacks consume various amounts of energy depending on your level and the attack. This slowly recharges over time. Certain bosses can damage your energy as well as your life.


(Not in Intro Stage)

When you see a white ring glowing around you that means you have enough energy to perform your crusher attack. A crusher attack hits all foes onscreen regardless of whether they are blocking or not for tremendous damage. To perform this attack you must be standing on the ground, unless you are Plague who must be fused. Once used, you must kill baddies again until the glow returns. Certain baddies can damage your crusher.


Beneath your health in the corner is your remaining lives. Once you hit zero, it's game over and you return to the stage select screen.


When you defeat enemies, they'll occasionally drop lifeups. They restore a small amount of life. Ground enemies drop lifeups, whereas flying enemies leave floating ones. Regardless, you gotta touch them if you want the little heal. However, the healing will never go beyond your max life.


(Not in Intro Stage)

While Playing the game, you earn money by killing baddies. You can view your money while in the shop or pause screen.


(Not in Intro Stage)

While in the shop you can buy 3 different recovery items: Life Up, Energy Up, and Crusher Up. They all cost $50. Life & Energy Up's restore 1 bar of power (not beyond your maximum though). Crusher Up gives you a full charge for your crusher. You can hold only 2 items. You can use them by clicking on the "Use Item" button next to the item from the pause screen.


(Not in Intro Stage)

While going through the 8 Maverick stages you can find a heart tank in each one. Heart tanks increase your life and energy levels slightly.


(Not in Intro Stage)

While in Rick & Mega's Shop, there are 8 enhancements you can purchase, 4 Mobility & 4 Sources. Once you purchase the appropriate Mobility Enhancement, the Source Enhancement will show up.

Mobility Enhancements ($100)
Crusher+ : Reduces charge 25% Run+ : Running speed +25%
Dash+ : Ground Dashing speed +33% Jump+ : Jumping Height +10%
Source Enhancements ($500)
Life : +18 Max Life Energy : +16 Max Energy
Power : Weakens Little Baddies Guard : Reduces Hazard Damage
MAP OPTIONS (Full Game Only)


On the map screen you'll see several red dots. These are the maverick stages, click on them to enter. At the end of the stage is a maverick boss you must defeat. If you've already cleared a stage you'll see "CLEAR" written on the status bar on the right instead of the mavericks name. After you've defeated all 8 mavericks, you'll see the final stages appear.


On the status bar on the right of the map screen lies the menu button. Inside you'll be able to save your game and enter cheat codes (See section below).


By clicking on the shop link you can go visit Rick and Mega to pick up some more goodies.


If you are playing X/Zero's story or Sic/Sin's story you'll see the respective character's icon on the top right next to the display. By clicking on the icons you can switch characters.



From the map screen you can access the menu on the right. When you select save game, it creates a save file on your computer and returns you back to the map screen. You must have enough space on your hard drive for the saved file. You also must allow flash to create the file. If you get some kind of errors, try right-clicking on the game and goto the folder tab to check your settings.


From the title screen, press continue to see the load option. Press load to go back to your saved game.


This returns you to the title screen.


This takes you back to the map screen from the menu.


From the menu on the map screen, this will allow you to enter various codes to unlock the hidden boss fights, mastery mode, and other goodies. You earn the codes for this section by beating Hard, Berserk, and Hell on Earth. Remember that you must be playing the game on Win2000, WinXP, or Mac9+ to earn the codes at the end!!!