Q&A about the plot

(1A) Q.) What's going on? What's Iris doing alive! She died in MMX4!

A.) This game follows MY timeline for Rick's Adventure for the game, not Capcom's. There are a ton of similarities, but ultimately things turn out this way in my little Megaman X world. You'll have to read the comic when it reaches this point (A long long long time from now). In the comic this takes place shortly after the events in MMX6. You just have to run with it if you don't like it. And if you really hate that fact, then you shouldn't be playing anything involving Megaman that isn't produced by Capcom themselves anyhow.

(2A) Q.) X, Zero, and others don't behave anything like they should!

A.) This game follows MY plot for Rick's Adventure, not Capcom's. The basis of most character's is roughly the same, but many have big differences.

(3A) Q.) Was that Megaman and Rick I saw there?

A.) Yes. Megaman is alive in X's timeline by MY storyline. This is Megaman as he appears in MMN2, so he's very cynical but strong as all Hell. Rick's my character who pulls my comic together. If you beat the intro stage you'll learn some more. For all the details, you'll just have to wait until I return my attentions to the comic.

(4A) Q.) Why are Delia, Sic, Sin, or Plague there?

A.) Because I asked the respective authors if I could use them to build a bigger game and they said okay. They have all been written into the overall plot of the game. There are no plot holes, it's all explained in the intro scenes of each respective story.

Q&A about the game itself

(1B) Q.) Why does X stick to the walls, auto-jump, auto-dash! That's not how they are in the game!

A.) 1) This game is made in Macromedia Flash so some things aren't going to be the same. 2) I am also only one person doing all of this, not a company or even a team so some corners must be cut. 3) Then you take into account my personal preferences and viola! This is what you get ^_^

(2B) Q.) Why don't you spend more time on the cutscenes? Why do they look so squigly?

A.) Because I get very bored at work, and I spend enough time programming the game so I usually won't spend more than 20min on any given picture. The more detailed the pic is, the greater the filesize which is counter productive in my opinion. Also in the normal and low quality version I've reduced the pic's by 50% so the edges aren't very clear. In the mega version the pics are where they should be, but that game's not public yet.

(3B) Q.) Why don't you use Megaman Music often in the game? A lot of the songs sound nothing at all like Megaman.

A.) I use songs that I like and that fit the situation given the circumstances. I have no care whatsoever if the song comes from a Megaman game or not. Remember, this is based on MY preferences.

(4B) Q.) Why did you use 8bit sprites instead of better ones?

A.) High-Res Graphics sucks a lot out of most computers, it takes up much more filesize, Flash doesn't handle graphics as easily as a normal EXE game does, and doing High-Res graphics requires more frames of animation to make it look good which in turn falls back on the first 3 answers. It's also a ton easier to make custom sprites if I don't need to spend a week making just one character since the sprite is 400x800 and requires 20 frames of animation just to run fluidly. A good example of this is Megaman Next 2 compared to this. This game is about 300k without sound and gives 22 sections (2 different styles), 7 llittle baddies, and 2 bosses. Megaman Next 2 has 7 sections, and 7 little baddies and yet has a base filesize of about 2200k! That's nearly 7x's the smaller amount! Woe to people on Dialup and weak computers! In short just look at the size of the graphics and imagine how a computer feels about doing 220 bytes of work verse 8960 bytes of work. More importantly graphics don't make a game, they make a movie. Graphics help the presentation, but the gameplay makes the game.

(5B) Q.) Why does the hit detect seem loose? Why is there no 'injured' frame?

A.) I left it that way because adding the additional amount of code for more controls began to slow things down when coupled with all the other effects, so I tried to keep things as simple and versatile as possible. Right now there's well over 2200 lines of code running every FRAME of the game. Trying to keep the game at a decent pace for those on weaker systems was a bigger concern for me in this game than in previous ones because I want as many people as possible to give this one a whirl. Also the injured frame took away from the aggressive gameplay so that was another reason it was tossed out.

(6B) Q.) Why do Megaman, X, Zero, Iris and others look so buff and/or human like? They are robots! They don't need muscles and what not!

A.) There's several reasons for this. 1) I prefer drawling in a semi-realistic style because I'm not a great anime artist and I liked Mega on MM2 box and the MM cartoon. 2) In MY comic plot, they were built to fit in perfectly with human society, thus were created to look and function like a human even though they are metal. 3) Why would anyone build a ugly sentient robot when it could tear your arms off?

(7B) Q.) Why does the game seem to slow down during the later stages and bosses?

A.) This is something I'm still trying to find a solid solution for. The sheer amount of code running finally begins to take its toll during the later half of the game :(

(8B) Q.) Why isn't there a exit stage option?

A.) Because there's a warp barrier around the island. See X/Zero or Delia's intro.

(9B) Q.) Why won't you let me get credit or codes for beating the game just because I have Windows 98, Windows ME, Linux, etc...? Why can't I get the codes when I beat the slow version (This applies to sites off of my main one too such as Newgrounds).

A.) Sorry, but I found that the game is very easy to beat if it's not running close to full speed which is not fair to those who play with it running at full speed. Unfortunately Flash can't check on your processor's strength or the amount of Ram you have so checking for your OS is the next best thing. I know there are undoubtedly people out there who run other OS's (particularly Linux & Sun) that easily pass the recommended requirements, but I couldn't find a working code for those OS's. My apologies again. If you are playing the slow version (40fps rather than 50fps) than you won't get the codes either. Currently MY site is the only one that has the normal full speed versions on it, so it's the only one that'll give you the codes.

(10B) Q.) Why does it say "Rick's Adventure" on the title screen? I thought this was a Megaman game?

A.) This is not a Megaman game. It's a game that has Megaman X as the main character. This entire game is a sidestory for my comic "Rick's Adventure : Legends". It's basically helps me flesh out my plot while creating a game and learning flash at the same time.

(11B) Q.) Why can't I save the game?

A.) When you go to save the game it creates a shared object on your hard drive, similiar to a cookie from the internet. You must have the space on your harddrive for the file (less than 1k) and have flash setup to permit it.

(12B) Q.) Why do I die instantly when I click on a stage?

A.) You picked "Continue" rather than "Game Start" from the title screen when you don't have a save file on your computer.

(13B) Q.) Will you send me (insert song name)?

A.) No. There's to many requests for them and it takes to much time to upload them in emails.

(14B) Q.) The game runs to fast!

A.) This was intentional. This is supposed to be a cross between a platform game (like Megaman X), and a twitch shooter (like Gigawing). Basically things are intended to happen, happen fast, and often in swarms.

(15B) Q.) Why doesn't my character respond after I configure the keys?

A.) When you enter the customize field, YOU MUST press a key at each section. If you don't the given command is listed as null and won't resond in the game. The key config DOES get saved with the game.

(16B) Q.) When I continue my game, all of my money and health items are gone! When I went to continue with (insert previous game) I started back where I was last playing!

A.) Your money and health items do not get saved with the game. That's the price of not playing clear through. Also there's only 1 save file for the game.

(17B) Q.) Once I cleared all 8 maverick stages the final stages didn't show up? What's happening!?

A.) You can only reach the final stages on Hard mode, not Normal.

Q&A about myself

(1C) Q.) Why do you make so many things with Megaman?

A.) Because I owe a lot to Capcom's blue smurf. I began playing videogames because of him, I became interested in drawling, and I wanted to make videogames thanks to playing that game years ago. So when I'm not working on a larger project I like to make little tributes to keep the blue guy in my downtime as a hobby.

(2C) Q.) Why don't you do something original

A.) I do plenty original. I've had my own cast of character's doing things on paper since 4th Grade. Since then I have over 200 characters made and almost as many unique plots running around for them. Now that I have learned how to create things on a computer I'm able to slowly bring it all to life.

(3C) Q.) Did you go to school for any of this?

A.) No. I've been active on computers since middle school. I made my first Megaman Parody in 4th grade (1990) using logowriter on a Apple 2E (or something like that). In highschool I took a computer class nearly every quarter and became more familiar with programming (Using Turbo Pascal). Bolt Blaster originally was made there (I cranked out 4 of them actually, the current one with Abadon is technically Bolt Blaster 5). About 2 years I started using Flash when I began my website. I only made dinky animations then. Then I decided to make a Megaman Game, and that's when Megaman Next was started. After 2 weeks of learning flash's actionscript I made the Intro Stage to Megaman Next. 2-3 months later I refined it and made Megaman Next - The game. Using the same engine I made Bolt Blaster, and using the 3rd Version I made Megaman Next 2. This game runs on version 4 of my "Next" engine as I call it. It took about 30 hours to program this game and 10 hours to make the graphics. The time spent playing the game is quite alot though :)

(4C) Q.) Will you help me make a game?

A.) No, just no time to do extra work. Though if a question is dropped by on my forum I can usually chime in to some extent.

(5C) Q.) How long did it take to make this game?

A.) I started the intro stage on September 3rd 2003 and finished it on September 30th 2003. The full game started on October 1st 2003 and gameplay wise was finished on April 3rd 2004. Basically 1 month for the intro, and 6 months for the full game. Not bad for one person working a full time job, hanging out with my friends, with no training, and no prebuilt engine.

(6C) Q.) Why are you so mean to some of the people leaving reviews? Because they voted low or insulted you?

A.) Personally I don't care if anyone votes/speaks bad of any of my works, I do dislike having time wasted about it though with frivolous nonsense. I do these projects so I can entertain myself and learn about programs. I know fully well quality wise they aren't professional quality, I just do this stuff as a hobby after all with no formal training. Honest and clean criticism is fine whether good or bad. I know some people just won't enjoy some of my projects or encounter bugs which is realistic and understandable, again, I know I'm not a professional making these things. From my experiences people who try to unreasonably insult my works fall into several categories : 1) Trolling for trolling sake, 2) Stupidly expect everything everyone does should always be professional quality despite common sense, 3) Blame their short comings on the game. In all cases, people being unreasonable about this stuff should be made fun of proportionally to how much facepalm was in their comment.

(7C) Q.) What's the deal with you and telling people they can't spell? I see several typos in your works!

A.) There's 2 reasons why I would make fun of someone for their spelling. 1) They spell every other word wrong or in some insane internet slang or 2) I'm trying to start a flame war because they've done something stupid besides being god awful at spelling. (See 6C).


Mega Man X and his Original Cast : Capcom all the way :)

Rick and the new cast for this game : Wade Monroe

X and Zero Base Graphics : Sprites Inc. (Megaman Xtreme 2)

Delia : Ira (Iragination)

Plague : Plague

Sic & Sin : Sic & Sin

Link & Toad : Nintendo

All other things not made by me belong to their respective creators.

All songs belong to their respective creators.



Title Screen = Megaman X2 : X Hunter Stage
Section 1 = Legend of Mana : Pain of the Universe
Section 2 = Legend of Mana : Darkness Nova
Boss Music = Castlevania SotN : Festival of Servants
Ending = Trans Siberian Orchestra : Christmas Eve Sarajevo

<<< DEMO >>>

Test Stage = Sum 41 : Still Waiting

<<< FULL GAME >>>

Title Screen = Terminator 2 : Judgement Day Theme
Test Stage = Marvel vs Capcom : Megaman's Theme
Stage Select = UN Squadron : Stage 7

Gorillon = Megaman 4 : Pharaohman PSX Remix
Ram Knight = Megaman 6 : Knightman PSX Remix
Terra Drake = Guilty Gear XX : A Solitude that Asks nothing in Return
Thunder Gull = Guilty Gear XX : Suck a Sage
Harbor Serpent = Battle Arena Toshinden 2 : Tracy
Volcano Drake = Street Fighter Alpha 3 : Evil Ryu
Loco Leaper = Marvel vs Capcom : Strider
Tsunami Drake = Guilty Gear X : May

Boss Fight = Guilty Gear : Conclusion

Final Stages 1&2 = Grandia 2 : Fight v2
Final Stages 3&4 = Lunar SSS : The Final Battle
Final Stages Rematch = Megaman X5 : Final Stage

Final Boss Fight = Kingdom Hearts : Destiny's Force

Island Rampage = Blaster Master : Final Level
No Time to Lose = Megaman X4 : Zero's Theme
Delia's Jetcycle Escape = Final Fantasy 7 : Motorcycle Chase
Chase the Jet = Battle Arena Toshinden 2 : Kayin
Beer Trucks Great Return= Megaman X4 : Final Battle

Story Battle (x/Zero) = Trance [] Control : Atomic Dance Explosion
Story Battle (Delia) = Guilty Gear X : Awe of She
Story Battle (Plague) = Devil May Cry : Nelo Angel Battle
Story Battle (Sic/Sin) = Static X : Burn to Burn

Crisis = Xenosaga : The Miracle
Hope = Lunar SSS : Arising
Funny = Super Smash Bros : Mario's Theme
Action = Super Smash Bros : FZero Big Blue
Sadness = Chrono Trigger : Schala's Theme PSX
Happy Moment = (Mini&Low Version) Final Fantasy X2 : Title Screen / (Full&Mega Version) DJ DOO - Like a Prayer 2001

Megaman Gaiden's Theme = Megaman 5 : Protoman's Castle PSX Remix
Rick's Theme = Ace Combat : Track 6