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Note : I have beaten the game on illegal by using only 2 continues (Illegal means you have no special weapons, bosses fight harder, and you start with 5 continues). It took a couple of tries to get through it the first few times on hard (I'm lying, I beat the hell out of this game like it was my bitch), so it's perfectly capable of being beaten!!!


Megaman is alot more agile in this game than he was in the normal NES games. This is necessary since the baddies and shit he's up against are far meaner than any other challenges he's faced to date. Here's the run down on the basics

Running = While running Mega can fire the Megabuster, slide, jump or activate any special weapon.

Sliding = Alot faster than running, but you can't activate all of your special weapons or fire the Megabuster. This is a VERY important move to dodge bosses though. If you enter a low spot and something takes a shot at you slide back and avoid the shot, then rush back in and take another few shots at the baddy, and repeat as necessary.

Jumping = Mega can jump fairly high, fire the Megabuster and activate a few specials while airborn. To cancel the jump and fall early hit the down arrow. To perform a "bunny hop" hit the Up and and immediately hit the down arrow. Now if you hold both keys Mega will pogo. This is useful for crossing gaps in spots with low ceilings or jumping enemy shots in tight areas (you have to time it very well to do).

Firing the Megabuster = Mega's shots travel pretty fast and he can have 3 shots onscreen at once. If you charge the Megabuster it can take out just about any non-blocking foes in a single shot. If a charged shot kills a foe then it continues on and can kill more foes. It is VERY important to remember that a charged Megabuster can hit things above and below you.


There are 14 types of normal bad guys that populate stages. They differ in the strategy they take to kill you, but all are vulnerable to the Megabuster's fury. Also note that specials weapons that cause damage "pierce" blocking foes meaning they can't defend against them.

Joe's = Joe's are little soldiers with shields that drop their guard to to take a shot at you. All you need to do is wait for them to lower their shield, then blast them. They have 2 hit points average.

Hard Hat's = These little guys stay curled up under their hats until they are ready to get up and charge. Another easy target, just wait until they stand up then blast them. They usually have 3 hit points.

Drum's = Drums are the most basic of flying foes. They slowly travel at you. No blocking or anything. Simple pelt them once they are in range. They have 3 hit points.

Train's = These things stay in a guarding position until you get close to them, then they charge at the last second. You can hurt them while they charge. The best thing to do is creep forward until they come at you then either jump or blast them with autofire. They have 4 hit points normally.

Cannon's = These things don't block, but they do fire a steady stream of rounds at you. Just pelt them and they'll go down. You may have to use the retreat strategy mentioned above under "jumping" in some areas. Cannon's have between 5-6 hit points.

Bat's = Bat's stay rooted in the air until you approach them. Then they drop down on you. They are easy to kill. Just jump up next to them when they're falling and shoot them or wait on the ground with a fully charged Megabuster and fire it once they're close to you. They have 2 hit points.

Ball's = Big hairy... errrr, nevermind. Ball's are the little orange sphere that float in the air above you and fire at you. They can shoot either straight or on down diagonals. You have to wait until they come all the way down and open their hatch to shoot them. If you keep jumping they will keep going higher and you'll never get them! They usually have 2 hit points.

Bullet's = These psycho robots zip back and forth around you like a fly. If they hit you it will hurt badly as they self destruct. hey way to take them out is to jump once they pass you and fire at them or stand on the ground and charge the Megabuster. Once they are near your head then fire the buster and it'll kill them. 3 hit points to kill them.

Drill's = These are one of the nastiest of the bunch. They slowly drive towards you. They can't be shot at from the front because of the armored drills. You must jump over them and shoot them in the back to hurt them. If you go to far behind them then they will turn around! If you can lead them off a cliff or let them hit a wall to make it easier to jump behind then you shouldn't have a problem with them. Drill's have 3 hit points.

Flyball's = Really tiny round... oops... These are the little blue balls that fly above you and fire down at you. Quite annoying bastards. To kill them just wait for them to get real close, then jump and shoot. If you keep jumping while trying to hit them then they'll keep flying up out of reach. Flyball's have an average of 2 hit points.

Skull's = These things run towards you then begin jumping as long as they are near you. To beat them just stay away so that they keep walking and not jumping and shoot away. If they are near you and jumping then place yourself at the middle of their jump and they'll hope over you. Skull's have 6 hit points.

Copter's = They fly towards you and dive once they get near. Just jump shoot them, nothing fancy. You can also do a standing Megabuster at full charge and kill them above you easily.

Tiger's = Tiger's are very mean if you attack them wrong. If you stay away and shoot them they die easily, if you run at them, then they will pounce. If they are pouncing and you try to jump them, they'll jump higher. So take the safe route and shoot them from afar. Tiger's have 6 hit points.

Turret's = This nasty little things can't move, but stay in their armored shell's until they shoot. They will shoot at you from offscreen so be ready to jump (which you should be anyway). There is no real good strategy for these things. Turret's have 2 hit points.


Punchman = Punchman's tactic is to throw energy fists at you. Which move slow and can be easily jumped. When he raises his fist, then he's either gonna dash at you with a punch or hit the ground causing a large explosion. If you jump in the air, he'll choose the explosion more often. He's invincible when using his charged moves. He also jumps around from time to time. His weakness is "Tornado Shot", use it whenever he jumps over you or stand really close and use it.

Nunchakuman = This fast little bastard throws energy waves at you from his nunchaku. If you are airborne he'll throw them into the air instead of along the ground. He will also do a fast and long jump that you are capable of jumping over. When he spins his nunchaku he's invincible. While spinning his Nunchaku he may use his ultimate which releases 6 energy waves randomly. His weakness is the "Cameo Cannon"

Jetman = This guy is probably my second most hated boss. He fires two kinds of projectiles, a homing missile or machine guns. When he jumps into the air he becomes invincible. Once airborne he'll either fly in from the left or right while firing bullets and missiles (jump over him to avoid almost always), or he'll rain missiles down on you from above. Once done flying by or raining missiles, he'll fall back down to the ground. Make sure he doesn't land on you! Jetman's weak against "Circuity Shield".

Arsenalman = Arsenalman's all about spewing ammo at you. He'll fire sky shots from his back gun that will fall down on you. If he raises his missile arm get ready to jump the slow moving (but VERY painful) missile. He'll also shoot a cannon blast from his nose turret. All in all he's actually pretty easy, just stand and charge your buster 50% and fire on him. "Mirror Flash" not only cancels his shots, but deals him some damage too!

Circuitryman = This guy is my most hated enemy. He only has 2 moves, but they are both mean. He mainly teleports around the room, more often than not somewhere close to you. You have to be ready to dodge him while he's doing that. His second attack is a tentacle slap that reaches halfway across the screen. The best way to dodge that is to jump then hit down to cancel after you reach midjump, that way you can hit the ground and jump again it he does another one. "Stealth Body" hurts Circuitryman, just activate it and stand on him.

Mirrorman = Mirrorman's not super offensive, unless you shoot at him when he aims his mirror at you. If you do, you'll find your buster shots bouncing back at you, which sucks if it was a 100% Megabuster. The easiest strategy is to shoot him when you see him raise his gun to pop you and make sure to dodge his bouncy thing on the iced floors. If you have "Spread Missile" just shoot him whenever you have the weapon energy.

Tornadoman = Another one that's not to bad. I usually just jump and take 50% buster shots at him till he dies. His tall whirlwinds will just about reach the middle of the screen. His little whirlwinds look more threatening than they really are. When he flies off the screen be ready for him to zip around in ball form. Use "Arsenal Storm" on him to cause some serious damage.

Dramatic Introductionman = This ones a gag more than anything. He eithers rains notes down on you that scatter left or right when they hit the ground, or tosses bouncing notes at you. Neither are really to bad. Just fire 50% Megabusters at him and he'll die in no time. Use "Punch Dash" to break this wanna be popstars nose. Just don't do it super close to him or you'll run into him.


This will help you with the tough parts of the stages. I'm not going to tell which enemies are carrying the continues though.

Punchman's Stage = The first 2 sections are straight forward. However when you get to the 3rd section, look at the red arrows on the walls to know where to jump. Hang right once you fall on the first drop (under the bat), then when you go down the long drop, cling to the righthand wall to reach the exit. The 4th part is a straight forward pit, just progress slowly and deal with the enemies like their descriptions say to and you should be fine.

Nunchakuman's Stage = This entire stage is straight forward. Use the strategies for the little enemies above and you'll do fine.

Jetman's Stage = This one is kinda hairy since there's alot of bottomless pits everywhere. The first 2 sections are standard hop & bop, just don't rush or else you'll probably be shot and fall to your doom. The 3rd section seems like nothing but a series of leaps of faith, but if you paid attention to anything so far, then you'd see that the clouds in the background actually run from platform to platform (imagine that to all you saying leaps of faith are everywhere). Just follow the cloud trails and this parts a breeze. On the 4th section, I can't stress enough on progressing slowly. If you jump and see there's a baddy waiting for you try and turn back to the platform you jumped from to arrivwe safely.

Arsenalman's Stage = I apologize now for alot of the cheap stuff in this stage. If any stage uses cheap tactics, then it's this one. The chain looking things aren't ground, don't walk on them, or you go splat. Be careful of turrets waiting across pits, I did this alot on this stage. You may have to use the retreat strategy if a shot is racing towards you (or if you are a badass you can try the bunny hop over them, but it's hard with the cannon shots). On the 1rst section progress slowly until you see the flyball. Lure it over and deal with it before jumping. Once it's out of the way, jump over to the platform and do your best to avoid the skulls and hardhat, don't be afraid to hop back to the previous platform. You can also lure the skulls off the edge and wait for them to fall way down. 2nd section, when you start off there are 3 turrets mounted on platforms that you can't see initially, this is why this is a reflex game, becuase you'll see a stream of blasts coming at you. Hop the blasts and work your closer and take out the turrets. It's straight forward from here. 3rd section, after you kill the 2 hardhats and the copter, make a half jump for the boxes you see. Once you cross the pit then progress normally. Just be ready once you cross the next pit and enter cart since a cannon's waiting for you. 4th section, blast the cannons as you come to them. When you see the skull turn around and retreat and it'll fall down the pit and out of harms way, then deal with the ball. Once you cross the pit and are running under the wall, a turret's waiting for and it's going to get first shot so be ready to jump (very dirty I know). The last stretch is also nasty. Kill the first cannon on the platform by itself, now there is a second cannon waiting over there. If you jump onto the platform you'll need to do bunny jumps to avoid the shot or jump out and come back down on the platform and deal with the cannon. Congrats if you make past this one!

Circuitryman's Stage = This stage is painful to look at due to the EXTREMELY flashy stage!!! I apologize if anyone goes blind from this. 1rst section, try to deal with the bullets via a 100% megabuster because they will chase you and hurt you. After you kill the 3rd bullet, the little tunnel has a Joe waiting for you in it. Use the retreat strategy or try the bunny hop over to bullet get past him. 2nd part is nothing fancy, jump and kill things pretty much. After you kill the first drum and you see the joe, take the joe out from the far side of block he's shooting through rather than going right up into his face. Smooth sailing after that. 3rd section, many probably think this part is cheesy but it's not. When you start charge you buster and take a step forward and as soon as the train charges let him have it. Then before dropping down, charge your megabuster 100%. When you fall down fire it across the ceiling to your left to kill the bullet and drum before they even have a chance to mess with you. As soon as you hit the ground, jump back up and over the charging train and Joe's bullet. Then dispatch them. 4th section, just take your time on this one otherwise the bullets'll put a hurting on you.

Mirrorman's Stage = This one is a pain because of the slippery ground and the evil drill's. Once again don't rush! 1rst section lead the first drill to the left wall and space yourself right so it doesn't turn around giving you all day to shoot it's backside. Take care of the other enemies until you reach the jump once you are on the other side you have to deal with another drill. You can either hop this one or lure it off the edge, then go for the exit. 2nd section, Take your time as usual and kill the flyball's. When you land on the second tiny platform wait until the drill above you is rolling off the edge, jump clear over it easily. When you see the next drill, wait until you can pop the flyball over it, then jump over the drill and the one behind it. 3rd section, nothing fancy here just a cramped space with bats. You can skip the majority of them. To kill the drill just lure it to a wall and space yourself so it doesn't turn around. 4th section, another straight forward one. Once you get to the big drop and see the drill down there, try to remember where the drill goes less it gets you when you go down. Done deal.

Tornadoman's Stage = Another straight forward brawling stage. Just take your time and deal with the bullets and skulls as they show up. 1rst section, Mega will slip on the tiny hills if you land to close to the edges so be careful. 4th section, There are two paths you can take through here, just take you time and be ready for bullets to charge at you from offscreen while your jumping.



It may be hard to follow from here since I don't want to give away any secrets, sorry :(

Final Stage #1 = It may seem bland at first, but once you get past the first section you'll see that the stages are no longer stationary. Meet moving blocks! They move fast and you have baddies shooting at you to make matters worse. Since there's no time limit, don't rush and make sure you deal with any problem enemies so they can't hit you in mid jump and make you fall to your death! In the 2nd section there is a cheat of sorts, but I'll leave that up to you to find out.

Final Stage #2 = 1rst section, be ready for more moving blocks. When you reach the platform where the cannon stood at there are 2 turrets waitng there. Be careful. After you defeat the skull there are 3 moving blocks that will swipe you off if you aren't careful or don't get rid of the flyball's. 2nd section, now you have to deal with disappearing blocks too! This isn't to bad, just be prompt when you see another block appear. 3rd section, This ones a bit nastier with the blocks since they try to squish you into oblivion. Lure the tiger over to where the turret is when yo go down and stick to the right side to take them both out. Once you go down farther stay to the right again so you don't hit the spikes. Then there's some little enemies and easy blocks to hop over. When you see the double blocks, time your jump so you land ontop of the first one to make another jump to clear the pit safely. Then it's pretty straightforward to the boss rematches.

Final Stage #3 = This stage is against an entire tank. You must deal with a super flyball, ball, drum, and turret to win. Don't let the tank hit you with it's treads or it'll grind you up. The best thing to do is stay on the ground and slide left to stay ahead of the tank and lure the flyball over to you, then jump and pelt it (or use your tornado shot). Once it's down, get the ball to follow you and try to get it on your left hand side while standing on the lowest part of the tank so the turrets not shooting over you. Just time it so you can shoot it when it opens or use one of your specials (Circuitry shield or Tornado shot again) to kill it. Fight the super turret in the normal routine, or cheese it with specials (Arsenal Storm). The drum easy to pick apart so no need for a strategy on it. To finish the tank though, you need to shoot it in the eye (It doesn't really stand out, but you have to do this to get past).

Final Stage #4 (Can't reach on Normal mode) = This stage is VERY nasty. 1rst section, you have the ice from Mirrorman's level in effect here so be careful. Use the bunny hop method on the edge of the platform to cross the spikes in the shallow ceiling spot at the start (Spikes don't instantly kill you but do hurt like hell). Next is vanishing blocks with enemies (they are iced too). Take your time here is all I can really say, and remember where the platform you jumped onto them is in case you fall/slip while fighting the flyballs. 2nd section, this is a straightforward vanishing block/spikes nightmare. Be sure you are on the edge of the platforms when you goto jump. And be wary of blocks appearing on the spot you're at! When you goto jump onto a platform that has spikes above it, go down alongside of the spikes and at the last second hit towards the platform to avoid being hurt. I know this part is VERY hard, oh yeah and the ice effect is still in place. 3rd section, probably easier than the 2nd section at least. Spiked blocks descend from above into fire pits. If you touch the fire pits, you die. If you stand to close to the descending spikes blocks, they will hurt you and possible push you into the fires. The only really nasty part here is at the end where there are 2 spiked blocks going down together. To get past this wait until the closer block JUST goes below you and then jump and you should make it without a scratch! Congrats, you're onto the last set of bosses now and have proven yourself a Megaman Next badass!


Final Boss #1 = You fight this boss while jumping from block to block over a bottomless pit. When you see the bosses mouth open you have a moment to duck or so before it shoots you. It dangerous to be hit since you may fall prematurely or be knocked from the platform! Not to bad though, use lots of 50% busters to win. He is weak against "Spread Missiles".

Final Boss #2 = Use the same strategy as above, except when he goes level with the blocks and starts shaking jump so you don't get hit by the beam he fires. This one is weak against "Arsenal Storm", but don't use until he's flown all the way up when he makes his entrance.

Boss Rematches = The individual strategies still apply here. You get back 25 hit points after you beat each boss. If you die, you fight that boss again. If you use a continue you go back to the first boss rematch (Punchman).

Final Boss #3 (Bass) = I'll give a little spoiler :) Bass is a animal to say the least. He runsfaster, hits harder and charges his forte buster faster. However! You have a human brain and can thus beat him! Try your best to stay away from him. When he's fully charged do whatever it takes to avoid being shot by his 100% forte buster. He's also invincible when fully charged. You had better get the hang of cancelling you jumps early with the down arrow by now or it's curtains. The "Cameo Cannon" hurts Bass as well as pushes him back, just be careful not to miss since you probably won't have much time to stand around to recharge!

Final Boss #4 = This boss is dirty, but not to dirty. He only appears when the lightning flashes. Try not to stand directly under him since that's where he concentrates his attacks at. You must used at least a 50% charged buster at the top of your jump when he's visible to hit him. If you get close enough, jump and use "Circuitry Shield" to hurt him badly.

Final Boss #5 (Can't reach on Normal mode) = You can't use your mega buster in this fight, however the boss doesn't become invincible when you shoot him so pelt away. Also you both regenerate your life here so if you are getting a whipping try staying away for a bit. If you are to close the boss will throw his arms back and emit a painful shockwave around him so stay a good bit away. When you see the boss raise his hand, he's going to fire a mean blast at you, do a 50% jump to avoid this. The boss also teleports around so watch out. You can shoot the boss when he charges you, raises his hand or is standing there. If the boss appears in the air then get AWAY if you are in the air. The shots cut through you and HURT! If you are on the ground this isn't to bad, but you don't want to be hit nonetheless. There are no real weakness to this boss. "Stealth Body" is your best friend here. Become invincible and pelt the hell out of the boss while standing still (so you regain your weapon energy to keep using stealth body) and he'll fall easily.

Final Boss #6 (Can't reach on Normal mode) = This is the last serious fight in the game and it shows! This guy will throw everything at you that will make any other Megaman boss tremble in fear (Wily/Sigma/Juno/Bass.exe) and on illegal you can consider yourself damn near a god to beat this mofo. He has numerous attacks, all of which carry extremely high priority and virtually all of your sepcial weapons do nothing to him. When you see him raise his hands above his head and fire a shot in the sky, slide for you life (not really but it sounds cool) because this attack homes in on you and a beam crashes down from above. The only way to dodge this is to slide for a bit or use Stealth Body. He may also continue to do this meaning you have to keep sliding to dodge. If he points his hands at you then jump high and away from the edge he's pointing at. This attacks sends out a lightning bolt that covers the ground in the direction he's facing. Then the lightning bolt explodes on the side of the screen also capable of hitting you (ICK!). If he lowers his arms to his sides with his flames on then he will regain some life which sucks. When he throws his arms apart it creates a energy blast that pushes you away from him and cancels any buster shots like your Mirror Flash does. You have to be careful since this move usually sets you up for other attacks. If he's glowing with fire then only 100% buster shots can hurt him (They only do 1 hit point though instead of 3). If you manage to stay close to him then use "Circuitry Shield" to try and overload him. Good Luck, the rest is cake walk from here!

Final Boss #7 (Can't reach on Normal mode) = I won't say anything about this fight, but to be cheesy and stay alive, goto the bottom left corner.

Final Boss #8 (Can't reach on Normal mode) = This is more like fanservice than anything. If you thought the games graphics were soso, I changed them to the 16-bit Megaman ones as well as one of the most kickass backgrounds you'll ever find in a flash game (or most flash movies too). Your life is different here, it's a countdown till Megaman shuts down and it's ticking away. If you fire the Megabuster it drains your life a bit, but can cut through the enemies large shot. Aside from that I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do. And if anyone gets this far, please send me an email telling what you though of the game now that you've seen it through to the end.





Due to an unfortunate glitch and not catching it before I reformatted my PC, the code that's supposed to be received for beating illegal doesn't show up. With no backup copy to correct it I figured I'd just post it here.

To unlock max buster mode. On the Newgrounds version, there's a hidden button on the top right hand corner of the difficulty select screen. Clicking it then any mode will give you overkill firepower.