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During a brief moment of peace as The Cataclysm draws near, Kalinka Cossack hosts a tournament for the most powerful girl robots in the world. A side story of sorts for Rick's Adventure: Legends.
Roll Next: May 2007, Updated Apr 2017

A old fashioned game remade as a fun side project. Built on the same principle as the original, only you can use bullets to reverse the direction of the ball.
Battle Pong: Dec 2004

X and Zero head out to a enemy island stop a unseen enemy and save their friends. Guest character's join them on this adventure.

Mega Man X Next Game: Apr 2004, Updated Nov 2017

X and Zero are called to protect Hunter HQ. Guest character Delia joins them on defense.

Mega Man X Next Intro: Sept 2003, Updated Nov 2017

Mega Man heads off to stop Bass attack on a military research facility, but an unexpected challenge emerges. First game I ever made in flash as a prequel to Rick's Adventure: Legends. This is the original one the newer Remix is based off of. Sadly, the original file has been lost so I can't touch it up any.
Mega Man Next: May 2003