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GOAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

To defeat the enemy forces by knocking the Star-Key-Thing past the enemy ship and back into their territory. If you score 5 times then you clear the level and can progress to the next one.

CONTROLS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Arrow Keys Up/Down = Move Ship

"A" Key = Shoot

*Note: You can direct the Star-Key-Ball momentum by pressing the Up/Down key when it strikes your Ship.

POWER UP SYMBOLS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"G" = Gatling Cannon

"L" = Laser Cannon

"S" = Spread Cannon

"M" = Mega Cannon

"E" = Electro Cannon

"W" = Wave Cannon

"T" = Tracking Cannon

"Diamond" = Increase Ship Size

"Arrow" = Increase Ship Speed

"Heart" = Upgrade current weapon to Hyper Power