2015-04-20 ~ So the previously listed site changes have pretty much been done. The old domain should now redirect to the new one, Aggamare.com so old links shouldn't do anything to crazy. However any flash content that had safe guards in it won't play anymore until it's tweaked. In Mega Man Next Remix's early alpha demo that was up, I don't intend to put that back up til it's done. As always, check the forum and YouTube for the latest. Other things will ever so slowly get tweaked.

2013-05-17 ~ Site changes are underway to the new name and eventually new domain. During all this anticipate lots of broken everything. Afterwards, Aggamare.com will be slowly but surely replacing all Maelstormm and Legacymaelstormm stuff. Looking back, I sorta regret using Maelstormm as my handle. Lots of confusion of Maelstrom and 2 M's at the end when referring to stuff. So it's a decade late, but at least the move to something shorter and more reasonable is finally happening.

2015-04-20 ~ Tons of things in the works for MMNR. If you haven't visited my YouTube channel, hop on over there. 1st drafts of all but the last 2 final bosses of MMNR posted, and the 3rd and final drafts of the initial 20 robot masters is underway.

2013-05-17 ~ As noted in the Forums these past few months, YouTube has the Leviathan & Rydia, Dragon, Proto Symphony, Bass, Wily Tank, and Wily Pod boss fights listed from MMNR. That leaves only 8 more boss fights to make for the final stages then I can start adding some polish onto the existing stuff and working on the file system.